Welcome to RJ AcuHerbs, LLC


What we offer...


1 - Affordable Pricing

Why pay more for acupuncture treatments, when you can get the same individualized attention for less? At RJ AcuHerbs, we offer low rates and package deals.  Ask within.


2 - Insurance Accepted

Many people have acupuncture coverage and don't even know it!  We do all the work after receiving your information.  Take advantage of a benefit you are already receiving.


3 - One on One Therapy

Have a  dedicated therapist, who has had experience treating hundreds of patients, treat you in a one-on-one setting. You will get catered treatments in a private setting.


RJ AcuHerbs Mission

RJ AcuHerbs' mission is to provide patients with the guidance and tools to live a healthy life.  Primarily through acupuncture and herbs, but also through dietary and lifestyle recommendations, we strive to encourage you to live at your best potential.  Our theory is that preventative medicine is the best medicine, and treating the root of disease is more effective than simply alleviating symptoms.  Here at RJ AcuHerbs, we pride ourselves on looking at the individual and finding the best and holistic way to treat ailments.